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One of the oldest winegrowing regions in the state, Livermore Valley is situated twenty miles east of the San Francisco Bay. We are blessed with a Mediterranean climate, with dry, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. Warm and sunny conditions in the spring during flowering and setting consistently produce high-quality grapes. During the long growing season, early morning fog and cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean encourage slow ripening and extend hang-time, fostering complex flavor development in the grapes. Correspondingly, the unique diurnal swing of 40 degrees between day and night contribute to these ideal winegrowing conditions. We are perfectly positioned geologically, atop a 600-foot-deep bed of gravelly soil. This rock bed requires our vines to drive their roots deep into mineral-rich deposits for sustenance, keeping the grape and cluster size in moderation and encouraging the vines to focus on concentrating sugars and flavors in the grapes rather than producing more leaves or high yields.

Now in a conservation trust and protected from urban development forever, our 200-acre estate vineyard features heritage soil and historic grape clones that will be preserved for many future generations. When we recently replanted our estate vineyard, we took great care to ensure that blocks of old, time-tested vines were retained and the grapevine clones that we pioneered were perpetuated. More than 140 acres are Petite Sirah plantings that were grafted onto improved rootstocks. You’ll see the old, gnarly Petite Sirah plantings right at the edge of the drive as you head into our newly restored redwood tasting room.

Over the decades, we have carefully tuned our planting, trellising and canopy management to take full advantage of this unique terroir, and we are fully committed to sustainable practices in our vineyards. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides, and we employ natural ground covers and encourage natural predators. We seek to increase the health and the vitality of the vineyard system by aligning our farming practices with fundamental ecological rhythms. Our goal is to create an environment where the grapes can best express themselves. The result is intensely-flavored, memorable wines.

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